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Needing photos or video of your land or event? Perhaps you'd like a different perspective of your property you're listing for sale. An aerial approach offers angles photography from the ground can't always accomplish. Aerial photography is more easily available today, which also means it's more affordable than in the past. We want to help ensure that by providing stills and/or video at a very affordable price. Be sure to look at a few of our aerial videos to see how it can help your marketing compaigns. It can even be a great way to capture some special moments. Whatever your aerial needs, please contact us to see what we can do for you.

Prices vary based on need. Get a free quote today.
If travel is required, a small fee would need to be added, but that is negotiable. Editing is also available for an additional charge and will vary with need. Additional coverage time is available, but most aerial footage can be obtained within an hour.


High quality, finely tuned photos or video should never be compromised when marketing your business or projects. From macro to aerial, we can accomodate your needs for professional quality media. Let us know what you need and want, and we can plan and help you succeed with your project. Need a time lapse of a project or event? No problem. Need a bird's eye view? We've got you covered. Maybe you need a thermal image to find heat loss. We can help. Don't let your cell phone photos promote your product or image. We all depend on those photos daily, but it's one compromise for promotion that you shouldn't be willing to make.


Need to update your online profiles? Maybe it's time to update your employee directory. Or perhaps you just want to have shots that fit your personality and showcases your expressions. Getting your headshot photos is definitely a great way to put the focus of your photo where it should be--on you. We strive to make sure your headshot images are the real you. Spend 30 minutes with us and get very high quality shots you can use in places from social media to corporate to even hanging on your wall. Headshots are only $100 for a 30 minute session. No, you don't get charged more if it takes longer.

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