Welcome to our site. With over 15 years of photographic experience in aerial, marketing, weddings, journalism and more, we specialize in photography ranging from portraits to advertising to thermal imaging to aerial and most everything in between. We are located in Hutchinson, KS, but we are willing to travel wherever needed.

Unlike anyone who owns a camera can do commercial photography, aerial photography requires an FAA certification and special permissions in various airspaces. We are both licensed and insured, so contact us today for aerial photography. We take top quality photos/videos.

With images from the ground, many have become dependent on cell phones for their daily photography needs. The convenience is second to none, but many don't realize the lack of quality that comes with them. While they are great for day to day, they are not ideal for the higher quality demands of special occasions. Please consider us with providing you top quality photos for whatever your photography needs. Please take a moment to look around the site and contact us for more information.

Nick Hemphill Photography
Phone: 620-474-2273
Email: contact@nickhemphill.com
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